RisolviOnline merged with the Mediation Service.

You can manage mediation proceedings online ConciliaCamera.

RisolviOnline was the online dispute resolution service of the Milan Chamber of Arbitration activated as an innovative pilot project in December 2001 specifically for e-commerce disputes. In 20 years of activity it has gone through different phases: initially offered in Italian and English, it was later able to make use of neutral third parties from the various European countries and therefore able to address dispute resolution procedures in all the official languages of the Union. The offer of tools has also been enriched over time: from the mere mediation carried out remotely in real time via one of the VOIPs available or thanks to a messaging system integrated into the site www.risolvionline.com to the possibility of activating the parallel tool of evaluation through which the neutral third party, having studied the documentation filed by the parties in dispute, could provide from 1 to 3 proposals for an agreement based on fairness.

In 2016 RisolviOnline was accredited by the Ministry of Economic Development as a consumer dispute resolution body at the European Platform for Consumer Disputes and by the end of its activity, in September 2021, it appeared in the terms of sale of just under a thousand e-commerce websites, which had adopted it to resolve any disputes with their customers.

The experience gained with RisolviOnline was useful in creating the online mediation management system used today by most Italian chambers of commerce.

Between 2020 and 2021, the well-known world events have determined the shift of many activities online, including alternative dispute resolution services, convincing even those who did not believe they could effectively do online what they used to do face-to-face (mediate, negotiate). The services of the Chamber of Arbitration have not been an exception, so the choice was made to reabsorb RisolviOnline in the mediation service since the two services were no longer distinguishable from each other for purpose and mode.